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Library Media Center

photo of school library

Our library media center is dedicated to providing students and staff with a user-friendly environment that encourages success in learning. All students in K-5th grade have regularly scheduled class times once a week.  K-2nd grade classes check out 1 book per week, while students in 3rd-5th grade classes may check out 2 books per week.  All books are due one week from the day they are checked out. Overdue fees are not charged, but no other books may be borrowed until all library materials have been returned. Replacement fees are charged for lost or damaged materials.

Important Tips for Parents: 

  • Take your child to the public library and help them get a library card. Find out if there are any special programs or reading clubs at your library. The North Avenue Library is right up the street!
  • Do a follow up reading after watching a television show. For example, after watching a show about whales, get library books on that topic.
  • Give your child books as a gift.
  • Take books along when you go to doctors' offices, on car trips and on vacations.
  • Show your child that you like to read.
  • Read aloud to your child. Children enjoy hearing the same stories many times.
  • After reading a story to your child, discuss the story.
  • Set aside a special time to read every day, at least 20 minutes.